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Oak House Farm is situated in beautiful countryside at the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds, approximately  10 miles from the historic city of York, it was originally a commercial pig farm, then most of the land around it was sold and the barns were converted to housing. We moved here in 2004 looking for new challenges and we certainly found them!!

We operate Oak House Kune Kune from the smallholding, breeding the little friendly kune kune pig, although don't plan to have any piglets for a while as we have lots of other things going on.

We are registered with the York branch of Holidays4dogs too and offer a more personal alternative to putting your dog into kennels whilst you are away, there is plenty of space for your dog to run off steam down on the field where they can meet all the other animals.

You can also now come and stay here in our cosy little self catering annexe 'The Piggery', enjoy exploring the picturesque East Riding, pop into York for a bit of shopping and then perhaps venture down the field to collect your breakfast eggs and give one of our kune kune pigs an apple and a cuddle, please ask us for more details and look out for photos and full details on the site.

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                                                           February 2018

The first snows have fallen this year and we have made sure we have a good stock of logs for the fire and straw for the animals.

Our cosy little holiday let 'The Piggery' was busy all last year and bookings are starting to come in for this year, our guests have kindly left amazing comments in the visitors book and many say they can't wait to come back.

Winnie the Golden Retriever has finally calmed down and has settled into life at Oak House Farm, we are thinking of maybe letting her have some puppies at the end of the year! We still miss Molly the Collie very much but we had forgotten just how much energy a young dog has being used to Molly who at 17 was blind, deaf and just didn't move very fast anymore. Phoebe the tabby cat is also more used to Winnie now and if she pokes her nose into Phoebe's business too much she is met with a swipe across the snout to keep her in her place.

It's almost time to order this years seeds and get those tomato plants started off, we've still got bags of tomatoes from last year's crop in the freezer which are great for soups and sauces.

We don't have any piglets here at Oak House Farm at the moment as we feel there is quite enough going on.

One of our photographs featured on the website, 'Brotherly Love' has been reproduced in water colour by a very talented lady called Celia Lewis and features in her new book 'The Illustrated Guide to Pigs'. It is a beautiful book with lots of interesting pig facts and info and would also make a great present for any pig enthusiast, she has also written about keeping chickens, you can see her work on her website www.celialewis.co.uk  






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